Cost-saving system

Photovoltaic panels, CHP units, battery systems and smart energy management will save up to 80% using available grants.

Remote collection

We provide remote data collection from water meters, calorimeters, electricity meters or other devices. We can connect any device. The system also includes an administration portal.

Cost accounting

We provide a variable service including cost accounting, including a web portal for users of residential units, which complies with the EU directive on informing end-users about their consumption.


We supply the most advanced energy systems for residential, commercial and industrial buildings. We focus primarily on the quality of the delivered technologies, which are economically very beneficial. By applying technologies from the ENEDICO portfolio, it is possible to achieve environmental friendliness without limiting the consumption of customers.

"We heat, cool and manage energy in residential and industrial buildings smartly, economically and environmentally friendly."

Use energy smartly

The modern technological system will reduce the cost of energy consumption of the house in the form of heat, cooling and electricity consumption from the grid. The system is scalable and configurable according to individual needs and possibilities. Efficient use of energy requires a combination of technically matched system components. Heating control is an important component in meeting the requirements of modern heating systems in terms of cost-effectiveness, ecology and operating comfort.

Consuming smart and green

  • By installing our technologies you will achieve lower costs for heat, cold and electricity in buildings
  • The energy produced is purposefully controlled by software both economically and environmentally

System parts

Photovoltaic systems

In the face of ever-increasing energy costs, photovoltaic installations represent a financial saving and also reduce the consumer's dependence on energy suppliers. Self-generated electricity can be used for self-consumption, stored or fed into the utility grid. Because the state supports the energy savings from self-generation, the investment will soon pay for itself.

Cogeneration units

Cogeneration is the combined production of electricity and heat (CHP). There is a special law in the Czech legislation that gives users of green energy from cogeneration a state contribution for this energy, thus the state supports independent energy producers who use most (around 90%) of the energy content of their fuel. This is a significantly higher share than that used by large power plants.

Heat pumps

In Europe, more than 85% of heat pumps sold annually are air/water heat pumps. These types are also becoming increasingly popular in industrial and commercial applications as well as in residential homes. For example, for a new industrial hall where underfloor radiant or other low temperature heating can be designed, a heat pump is the ideal solution.

Heat accumulation

Storage heating is a type of heating in which the production of heat and the use of the heat produced are separated in time. For combinations of renewable sources such as a solar heating system, a wood gasifier and a gas condensing boiler, for example, so-called combined or multivalent storage tanks are used. Their major advantage is their very compact design with great functionality.

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