We introduce information and control system for remote monitoring, transmission and evaluation of energy and other data in real time.

SGMS system is the main component for the operation of the local distribution system.

SGMS user main benefits
  • SGMS takes care of all energy power grids operator needs:
    • Automatic invoicing of power consumptions
    • Automatic communication with national energy market operator
    • Technological and administrative management of supply points
    • All distribution requirements on customer relations administration
    • Possibility to work with dynamic customer tariffs
    • Continuous analysis and reporting to in-house systems
    • Complete data history and analytical tools to work with them in real time
    • Possibility of connecting any types and kinds of gauges and sensors
  • Savings in capital and operational costs
    • automatic meter reading
    • consumption optimisation according to the contracted reserved capacity
    • on regulation services by balancing system deviation
    • for unnecessary personal
    • interception of undesirable states (exceeding the maximum values, power factor, theft,…)
  • Really unlimited number of connected devices and data from them
  • Types of connectable devices: electricity meters, water meters, gas meters, calorimeters, PLCs from any manufacturer
  • Analytic tools to work with all collected data in real time


SGMS is a unique technology and software, which provides:
  • Complex management of supply points from both the technological and administrative sides
  • It covers all distribution requirements for managing customer relationships
  • Realtime measurement and control of every supply point
  • Automated two-way communication with connected measuring devices (automated messages about current device status)
  • Ongoing analysis and automated sending of documents into in-house systems
  • Automatic invoicing of energy consumption
  • Remote control technologies (e.g. automatic device engagement / disengagement depending on the defined factor)
  • System allows to identify and internally split energy costs (gas, water, etc.) to sites, equipment (technologies, devices) products and services based on predefined parameters
  • Wide options for further customer requirements


SGMS parameters:
  • Maximum number of connected meters: UNLIMITED (modular design)
  • Measured parameters: electricity, water, steam, gas, heating oils, air, chemicals, emissions (eg. SOx, NOx, COx), temperature, humidity etc.
  • Types of connectable meters: electricity meters, water meters, gas meters, calorimeters, PLCs etc.
  • Manufacturers of connected gauges: no restrictions
  • Two-way communication: YES
  • Communication protocols: supports all common communication protocols (eg. M-Bus, ModBus, DLMS, XML, etc.)
  • Communication methods: http, https, TCP / IP
  • Data transmission: GPRS, ADSL, ISDN, WAN, PLC (grid)
  • Interval Data transmission: freely adjustable interval in seconds or minutes depending on the type of project
  • Database system: InterSystems Ensemble
  • Speed of writing data into the database: tens of thousands of records in 1 second
  • Required power: 1 server (reqular server) per 1 milion connected meters
  • Operating systems: Linux, MS Windows
  • Solution architecture: Open, ability to connect enterprise systems and applications (eg. SAP, TIS, BNS, ISDL, Emission systems, MES manufacturing systems etc.)
  • Connectivity: web, ODBC / SQL, web services, smtp, pop3, soap
  • Security: high (according to customer requirements: https, encrypted database, user access)

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