Dataconcentrator + administration system

Due to the high demands for data flow is effective to have each meter attached to the communication area network through one smart device, which consolidates data from the area meters, transfers it to the central dispatch and in the reverse direction distributes commands from the message center. This smart device is in SGMS called “data concentrator”. Towards the meters, it communicates by using standard protocols (RS232, RS485, MBUS or TCP / IP) and towards the central dispatch by using the cable internet, GPRS or modem.

RF – wireless communication on radio network in the unlicensed band. It is typically used for remote measurement and control of media, such as gas, heat, water.

The data concentrator collects data continuously from the meters and transmits it periodically to the SGMS server. The data concentrator actively communicates with meters and transmits various types of commands, like simple switch-off, display messages on the screen, switch on the power circuits (eg. heating system) – all in real time.